FTN K.I.S.S. Investor Kick Start Pack

If you want to find success in your investments fast, simply follow proven and tested strategies successful investors have left for you. This starter’s pack is a great way to kick-start your investment engine, making them work hard for you. Find out why First Traders Network cares more for the common retail investors than any others do!

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Asia’s Premier Investment School

With the common retail investors’ investment success as our focus, First Traders Network is the choice that stands out from the others. First Traders Network is fast breaking ground towards becoming the leading investment school for many retail investors in Singapore & Malaysia as their preferred choice. We differ from all others by keeping our investment strategies direct and simple which caters to the busy lifestyle many professionals face in modern day society.
First Traders Network helps retail investors generate their above normal average investment returns without the need for technical and fundamental analysis which allows us to stand out from the more complicated strategies out there available. Our graduates always get going from the start with us.



Pioneering Weekly Income Investing Process

First Traders Network with the launch of Weekly Income Investing program has truly pioneered the revolution of turning around the investment future for common retail investors who are seeking to achieve higher than normal market returns with minimal risk. Weekly Income Investing currently spots a 94% trade accuracy success rate since June 2011 coupled with strict risk management criteria’s’ to match has provided a truly different alternative to common retail investment public who never believe that achieving above average normal market returns are a possibility.

Stock Market Investing Without Stress

Let Weekly Income Investing change your investment landscape for the future as a common retail investor and allow us to show you why many others have chosen to place their faith in this program that has truly changed how normal investors can invest in the stock market. Making 3% to 5% a week should be truly exciting to you if you can do so with 94% accuracy like most of our graduates do right now. Let First Traders Network with our flagship Weekly Income Investing program help you transform your investment future!